Saturday, February 28, 2009


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Doing some exercises is very important to keep us stay healthy. Especially for woman in my age, if we don’t exercise regularly, it’s very easy to get over weight. I usually do Thai boxing twice a week in a gymnastic center down town. But, recently I got bored with this activity. I need different sports, the outdoor sports, like running at the beach. And I’ve decided to start it on next week.

I’ve prepared the right running shoes, because I know that if we wear the wrong shoes, it can lead to blisters, shin splints and knee problems. I also prepared myself with some good tips I got from This site really helps me to find all important information and equipment we need related to running activity

Maybe for the beginner runner like me, I don’t need some energy boosters and pedometers yet. But one day, I’m sure I do need them. The pedometer completed with calorie counter, radio and even a GPS seems really cool to bring while running.


  1. lha ini jobsnya masih lancar mbak ning hehehe :D

  2. I'm just wondering that I can exercise my english here. I hope that it is fine to you, mbak Tyas ^_^

  3. Sports are good for our health. If we are healthy, we can prevent ourselves from illness. It is such an action to anticipate our bodies from getting sick. For doing sports, of course, we need some facilities. Sport shoes are some of them.


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