Saturday, January 10, 2009

An Elegant Gift for My Best Friend

BY tyas indree IN , 6 comments

My best friend will have her birthday party in next week and I want to give her something stylish and elegant as a birthday gift for her. She likes decorating her new house. Last time I came to her house, she was very excited when she showed me her living room. She painted the room with silver grey color. I think, she would be very glad if I give her some interior decoration that suit with the color of the wall.

Something from stainless steel would looks good together with silver grey color. I’m so glad I can find, because they have many elegant and stylish collections of stainless steel products I’ve been looking for. I choose the blomus stainless steel picture frames and stainless steel tealight holders as a gift. My friend will love it.

I also buy stainless steel aromatherapy burner for my own. And maybe I’ll buy blomus stainless steel garden torch bowl to put in my garden. I always can’t help myself if there is a sale price for cute stuffs like this.


  1. Bagus sekali... berapa harganya?

  2. oooo tengkyu tengkyu.... mo kasih kado ini yah buat akyu hihihihi *ge er dot com*

  3. lancar-lancar hehehe.beliin utk adek saya dunk mbak

  4. bagus nih, bakal jadi pertimbangan, btw ber-discount ga ya *Indonesia banget ya*

  5. good choice mbak.. elegant n unique..


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