Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Building Your New Future

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I’ve always been dreaming become one of Nouveau Riche. I know everyone have the same dream and passion like me. Read about someone success stories can make ourselves be more motivated to reach out something what we have dreaming about.

You can read the testimonial of some Nouveau Riche community in nouveaurized.com. They share their success stories here, how their lives have been changed from nothing to better and even the best condition.

Aaron & Emily Royce, they discovered Nouveau Riche in August 2005 and they reached their goals to become full time real estate investor. Only two month after they found Nouveau Riche, they got their first two investment properties, and now they are in negotiations on a deal worth over 6 million!

If you want to know more about Nouveau Riche Community, you can see 3 pages of facebook they create, about Jim Piccolo – the founder of Nouveau Riche, Bob ‘The General’ Snyder and Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation. And there is also a group in facebook; Nouveau Riche Nationwide Community, the group for members to share the pictures, testimonials and stories of their experience with Nouveau Riche.

Start your real estate business with Nouveau Riche University and don’t let somebody or anything else steal your dream building your new future with Nouveau Riche!


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  2. mbake kie jian rajin amat nulis yah.....

  3. hopefully i could be the next nouveau riche.


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