Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 is Your Year for Success

BY tyas indree IN , 7 comments

We are all in year 2009 now. What is your business resolution for this New Year? Probably, in 2008, your business attainment is not as good as what you have planned. But, everything in the past should make us strong, don’t let the fail we have experienced make us down or hopeless. There are still many opportunities out there, waiting us to reach the new success.

For you who involve in Real Estate Business, you might be familiar with the phrase Nouveau Riche, with its Nouveau Riche University. Nouveau Riche is a French word and literally translates to “new rich”. That denotes to a person who gain considerable monetary power, wealth and great financial heights during his lifetime. Nouveau Riche University is a private online university that is offering associate and bachelor degree programs in accounting, finance, marketing, real estate investing and small business management.

With Dr. Laura Palmer Noone as the new Chief Executive Officer, who has tremendous experience and expertise, Nouveau Riche University is the best choice for you who want to learn or improve your real estate investing skill to develop your real estate business.

You can read the testimonials and success stories of many Nouveau Riche University students in Nouveau Riche Nationwide Community group on facebook. With reading the testimonials of success people, we can be motivated to reach any success for ourselves like what they have reached. Let’s face the New Year with success spirit. 2009 is you year for success!


  1. pertamax.....
    yes, you're right. Keep on fighting for all of the challenges. If someone else can do it, it means we can do it as well.

  2. just wanna say...GOOD REVIEW...huehue

  3. te o peh.....$$$$ makin nambah neh

  4. mantep mbak... hehehe lancar...

  5. i say..yes..yes..yes aja deh hehehe:p

  6. start a new year with spirit..!


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