Friday, November 14, 2008

Student Loans

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Education is a very important thing for us and also for our children. As good parents, surely we want our children to have an appropriate education start from elementary until university.

But, the good quality of education comes with the high cost of it. Education finance could become a problem for some people if they don't prepare it well.

One of the ways out for this problem is Student Loans. You might have got federal loans, but if you still have educational expenses that are not covered by federal loans, is the best site you should visit.

This site is a free online resource about Student Loans. Through this site, you can get lots of information that can help you find private student loans over the internet. works with good companies as lenders for student loan like Chase. A Chase Private Student Loans can help your education expenses such as tuition, new computer, books and other expenses related to education.

You can apply for financial aid that you need after January 1st. Once you are considered as s qualified borrower, you will receive the fund, but first, you must be admitted and enrolled at the university.

So, now your education finance problem can be solved out with istudentloan.


  1. wah, mau dong dapat loan....tapi bayarnya? paling males hehehee, pa kabar mbak tyas?

  2. Is this loans has present in indonesia? this quite interesting. this would be one of solutions for our children education expenses. but joined to the education insurance could help us decrease the education fees either.

    cieeee gubrak deh...

  3. Lama-lama rentenir juga akan masuk kampus, sekarang para rentetir getol memberangkatkan TKI, sebentar lagi mereka juga akan bikin bisnis mengkuliahkan mahasiswa. nasiiib...nasiib...


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