Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun Fitness at Home

BY tyas indree IN , 2 comments

Are you the parent of small children? You still want to look after yourself and keep healthy, but it is just so difficult to get out of the home - even for a short walk - without a lot of organizing?

Are you on a weight loss program that advises an exercise routine in order to burn extra calories and boost your metabolism? But, although you feel so self conscious about your body, you still would rather die than go to the gym?

If you answer yes to one of those questions above, you should consider the Nintendo Wii Fit. It's the new type of video game from Nintendo features a pressure-sensing mat called the Wii Fitness Board, which looks like a set of bathroom scales and can sense when a person moves and leans, enabling players to 'head' virtual soccer balls and experience ski jumping on a TV screen. The board can also be used for such activities as yoga and aerobics.

The Wii Fit is a combination of fitness and fun. By using Wii Fit a little every day, you, your friends, and your family can work toward personal goals of better health and fitness.

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  1. Tar anna beli nintendonya deh....biar bisa ngegym bareng kids ku.....*hayyahh...hamil aj blom*....tapi permainan ene mang selain buat olahraga mom and kids, jugag sarana rekreasi dan bermain yang tepat.....mampu mengharmoniskan hubungan antar anggota keluarga

  2. wii emang seru banget... nge game sekalian olah raga...


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