Monday, November 10, 2008

Choosing The Credit Card

BY tyas indree IN , 2 comments

Credit card, for most people, is like a must have item nowadays. With using credit card, we feel like using a magic card. We don't have to bring a lot of cash when we purchase things we need in stores.

For a house wife and business woman like me, credit card is very helpful in managing my monthly budget. I can manage the payment date for my household expenses for a month.

For example, for expenses that should be done in early month, I use credit card A that has the billing date before those early month shopping, and the payment due date is the early next month. This smart management method can also be implemented to electricity, telephone and water bills that usually be billed in mid month. I use the auto pay of credit card B that allowed me to pay the bill in the next mid month.

So, is it okay for us to have many kredit cards? Yes, we can have more than one credit card if we can manage the payment wisely so we aren't trapped in a huge credit card debt. I my self have one of CITI credit cards and one of AMEX Corporate Credit Cards.

How to choose the credit card that suit with what we need? How to maintain our good credit? Those all questions will be answered in This site will help us to compare many credit cards based on its categories, qualities, brands, issuers and popularity. Don't apply any credit cards before visiting


  1. Wah mbak tyas, kalau saya masih enggan membuat kartu kredit. Saya masih senang belanja tunai saja. Rasanya plong kalau gak punya hutang.
    Kalau gak ada uang cash ya gak beli barang.

  2. Nice tips, tapi tergantung orangnya juga sih. Kalo gak bisa ngatur keuangan malah dikejar-kejar debt collector


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