Thursday, November 6, 2008

Active Directory

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Active Directory is Microsoft's trademarked directory service, an integral part of the Windows architecture.It's a centralized and standardized system that automates network management of user data, security and distributed resources and enables inter operation with other directories. Active Directory is designed especially for distributed networking environments.

Active Directory automatically manages the communications between domain controllers to ensure the network remains viable. Users can access all resources on the network for which they are authorized through a single sign-on. All resources in the network are protected by a robust security mechanism that verifies the identity of users and the authorizations of resources on each access.

Through Active Directory Management, administrators can globally configure desktop settings on user computers, restrict/allow access to certain files and folders within a network and more.

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  1. kayaknya IT / Infrastruktur di kantorku udah pasang Active Directory ini deh... qiqiqi. gak ngerti juga sih mekanisme user, kita cuma bisa nrimo ^^

  2. @milla Widia N : tapi sebagai user kadang jengkel mbak mau apa-apa terbentur privilagenya/batasan-batasan dari user tsb
    halah ngomong apa aku ki (sok tahu mode=on)

  3. Di kantor, saya juga cuma jadi user, bukan admin-nya.

  4. wah...ripiewnya lancar ati2 dijitak mbah google lho neng PR terjun bebas he..he

  5. hoahhh... puyeng kalo dah ngurusin aktivvv direktoryyy.. banyak client kompie yang ngotak-atik konfigurasi desktop ama konektifas kompie mereka sendiri.. jadi administrator mo konfigurasi desktop ama membatasi akses mereka ke area2 yg gak boleh jadi belibet musti ngeluarin jurus2nya naruto... he..he....

    ehm..ehm... grmr english bagus banget ibu ini.... hebattt


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