Thursday, October 30, 2008

Women's Jeans

BY tyas indree IN 23 comments

Jeans, staple wardrobe garment we just can't live without. For years they have been in fashion and show no signs of disappearing. They have been reinvented in numerous ways and you can now find them with sequin detail, embroidered designs etc... I personally prefer the classic jean, not just because it tends to be more flattering but also because it can be worn in so many more ways.

Wearing a pair of jeans pants has been since 150 years the best solution, first for working, then they become a fashion (1950's) among younger people and nowadays it's possible to see persons of every age wearing them.

Every woman needs at least one great pair of jeans in her closet. When it comes to finding a good pair of jeans, do plan to invest some time into finding the right pair so then you can do wisely shopping.

Women’s jeans come in skinny, regular and loose fit. There are also many variations of length, cut and rise. Don't fall victim to fashion and pick jeans just for the name or for the price. You know what you like, you know what you need. If you have a proportional body type, don’t be afraid to wear the skinny fit and low rise jeans. is the best place for every woman to choose the best jeans that suit with her body type and the style she wants. Once you have decided what the jean you are going to buy, the next decision to make is where you could buy it with the right price. There are thousands choices of store where you could buy it online, complete with the prices. Enjoy shopping in and be stylish with your new jeans.


  1. lebih menarik jika postingan mbak Tyas ada gambar perempuan menggunakan celana jeans. Entah yang ketat atau kombor. Biar lebih mengundang ingin tahu pembaca seperti saya ..misalnya .....


  2. Suka pake celana jeans juga ya?
    Makasih infonya...

  3. I love jeans.... tapi gak suka skinny jeans... terlalu ketat... he he, gak cocok untuk orang yg pake kerudung..

  4. nah ....begono pan lebih asik .....
    jadi betah neh baca2 disini

    kabuuuuuuuuur lagiiiiiii

  5. jeans,..aku paling takut ama jeaans eeeh itu jin ya!!!

  6. cc ga punya jeans..kasihan bangeddd...soale tiap beli mesti nyoba berkali2 baru dapat yang cocok hahahaha jadinya mutusin buat pake celana kain aja..

  7. sementara gak bisa nge-jeans...secara lagi hamil nih, jadi keliatan kek lemper jalan...:(

  8. paling suka kalu jeansnya style pasti lebih asyik dech makenya

  9. aku mah punya jeans cuman 3 hehehe...suka banged jeans yang model bootcut... ato straight gitu kereennnn....

  10. kayaknya kenal dech pic yang di pajang di postingan ini. ;)

  11. jeans.. top abies deh buat mahasiswa.. :D

  12. suka jeans..nggak suka jin *halah*

  13. pinggul ke bawah wowww tapi pinggul ke atas kok ga ada yap? cmiaw :D

  14. mbak...enakan mana pake jeans apa pake rok?...

  15. @bagus pras: segera dilaksanakan sarannya, Pak...

    @Erik: my favorite tuuh..

    @eucalyptus: iya say.. aku juga sukanya yg classic, lurus gitu..

    @bagus pras: sudah terpampang, Pak.. laporan selesai.. ;)

    @brigadista: kayaknya jinnya deh yg takut ma kamu.. hehe..

    @unieq: celana kain juga enak.. tp aku kalo make celana kain kayak resmi banget gitu.. aku kan orgnya nyanteeeh...

    @taktiku: tengkyuu..

    @tiwi: hehe... kalo lg hamil emang susah buat pake jeans... tp ada loh, yg khusus buat org hamil.. kayaknya seeh..

    @tips pagerank ku: yup.. setuju..

    @milla widia: yg classic n boot cut is the best..!

    @dhie: pic apa, dhie.. itu asal ngambil di inet, hehe..

    @rhein fathia: soalnya dicucinya sebulan sekali... hehe, itu mah parah yaa..

    @cebong ipiet: sammaaa...

    @ipanks: asal2an pilih pic tuh.. udah bagus kan..?

    @dede: enak jeans dong... jarang banget pake rok..

  16. shopwiki memang not bad sih
    kalau yang di itu bagus nggak Mbak?

  17. wah gambarnya menarik banget mbak Tyas. Btw, masih tetap dlm ngiri mode ON :D

  18. hehehehehehe english ngerti, yang ngerti cuman celana yang ada digambar..wakakak

  19. suka jenas tapi ga suka yang skinny... cukup tau diri klo ga cucok pake skinny jeans. hehehe...

  20. Emang, cewek kalo pakai celana jeans kelihatan lebih sexy


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