Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cool and Stylish with Ceiling Fan

BY tyas indree IN , 8 comments

Summer is the time when everyone is looking for ways to keep cool in their home. In some areas of your home you'll really need air conditioning, which helps remove humidity from the air and keeps the whole room or home cool. But, you don't want to use air conditioner all day because it’ll cost much in electricity, right?

Adding a ceiling fan is a great way to keep cool in the summer on those nights when you don't have to run the air conditioner. It looks stylish, and is much more energy-efficient than air conditioning.

Before you purchase ceiling fans you'll need to consider the blade sweep. You don't want to overwhelm a smaller room with a ceiling fan that's too big, but, you also want to make sure that the ceiling fan will be able to displace enough air to cool you off in a larger room. Another consideration before purchasing a ceiling fan is the length it will drop from the ceiling. It is suggested that you have at least seven feet of clearance from the floor to avoid accidents.

Farreys.com is the great site you should visit before you decide to purchase a ceiling fan. This site will help you to make the right decision about the type of ceiling fan that suit with what you need. Lots collections of unique ceiling fans and accessories from the popular ceiling fan manufacturers available in here, such as craftmade ceiling fans, hunter ceiling fans, monte carlo ceiling fans and many more.


  1. Seiling fan itu yang mengeluarkan udara dari kamar ya. Memang lebh baik pakai yg itu dari pada AC

  2. tuh kan,....bahasa londo,....giliran saya yang migran,..hehehehe

  3. Ceiling fan sama exhouse fan yg dipasang di langit2 sama gak ya?

  4. Tyas lagi mo beli kipas angin nih kayaknya :D

  5. di rumahku ngak bisa pakai model yang ada di farrey itu, ruang tamunya kecil dan atapnya rendah :D

  6. Wahhh... dari BV nieh kyknya dan berharga $10.. Ya ga mbak? Hehehehe... SUKSES nge-Reviewnya ya mbak.. Malam2 kita ngeronda bareng nyari sesuap nasi lagi ya?? Hehehe...

  7. "di rumahku ngak bisa pakai model yang ada di farrey itu, ruang tamunya kecil dan atapnya rendah :D"

    sama mbak Ceiling Fans di rumah q jg gitu


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