Sunday, January 18, 2009

Online Pharmacy Escrow Service

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Sometimes, getting the medication you need is not as easy as we thought. There are so many pharmacy companies listed for the same medication product but each of them have the different price for that product. As the buyer, of course we want to get the best price we can get for the medication we need. will help us getting the medication we need with affordable price. They are not a pharmacy, they are the only Online Pharmacy Escrow Service in existence on the internet. They will connect us, as the buyer, with some reputable pharmacies, as the seller, to give us an access to affordable medications from a source we can trust.

All we have to do is just signup and fax a copy of your prescription to their office. If we don’t have a prescription, we need to complete the medical profile first, just like when you met the physician. They accept Visa, Amex and Diners for payment by credit card.

Their Online Pharmacy Escrow Service can now facilitate shipment of up to one year supply of medication at one time. According to their customer testimonials, we can save an average of 40% and as high as 90% off the medications.


  1. I prefer the conventional pharmacy store ^^

  2. waduh... mbak tyas gak pernah sepi nih jobnya... bagi2 rahasianya mbak... daftar kemana aja sih???

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  5. Online Pharmacy Escrow Service is a very good service for those who face problem with looking out for genuine pharmacy stores. It is indeed a very nice option in-spite of the registration process it requires.


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