Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is Nouveau Riche University Scam?

BY tyas indree IN , 5 comments

Nouveau Riche University is well known online university that gives training in the field of real estate investing that works as similar as a real university. They offer a set of courses in class room studies, seminars and investors interviews from the real estate investment market.

Although they have many other course program, the real estate investors program is the most popular program that is offered by the university. Their experienced faculties not only impart knowledge but also relate their experiences in the real estate market to their students to help them face the world after they finished their programs. Nouveau Riche University also assists their students with their community programs. The Real Estate Investor Concierge is a database of the properties that can help you earn more money for the investment you've made.

However, there are some people say that Nouveau Riche University Scam. They said that the properties they paid for were left without tenant for long time. That's why they say Nouveau Riche Scam. But, for the truth, is Nouveau Riche University Scam? You can check their website for many reviews on their programs and the changes it has brought to their students' lives. They not only provide education on wealth creation but also teach you how to secure your wealth. So, what do you think?


  1. wah yang bener nih mba, emangnya scam beneran...heheheh

  2. paan neh...koq bau a$$$$emmm

  3. wew...apakah bener2 scam?? tapi anna blum pernah tw ttg ene

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  5. wah, makin banyak aja scam jaman sekarang!


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