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A Powerful New Way to Use "Why" Questions

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To start making dramatic changes in your life, transformthe way you use questions that begin with "why." IBM Founder Thomas Watson, Sr. is quoted as saying "the ability to ask the right question is more than half thebattle of finding the answer." "Why" questions are uniquelypowerful in that they already contain an answer themselves.

Implicit in every "why" question is a statement of fact.For example, consider the question "why is the sky blue?"You agree the sky is blue. You're merely seeking theexplanation of what makes it so. As much as you try, you'llnever change the color of the sky. Hidden in each "why"question is an affirmative statement.

If not used effectively, "why" questions keep you stuck. Iused to have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. I'd ask myself "why do I stay in bed when it's time to getup?" Each time I asked, I always returned to the *fact*that I didn't get out of bed when it was time. My "why"question affirmed that I stayed in bed when it was time toget up, and it kept me stuck in that pattern.

Begin looking at the "why" questions you ask yourself. If you're chronically late for appointments, maybe you ask: "why am I always late?"

If you experience financial lack, maybe you ask:"why am I always broke?"

If you seem to lack enough time, perhaps you ask:"why is there never enough time in my day?"

If you don't feel so confident, maybe you ask:"why am I such a loser?"

Wherever you experience undesired results, look at the "why" questions you may be asking yourself in that area.

Transform your "why" questions into "how can I" questions. Instead of asking "why am I always late?"Try "how can I be on time for all my appointments?"

Instead of asking "why am I always broke?"Try "how can I earn/save/have more money?"

Instead of asking "why do I oversleep?"Try "how can I get out of bed on time each day?"

Instead of asking "why am I not getting visitors to mywebsite?"Try "how can I get more visitors to my website?"

Begin using afformations. Notice I did not sayaffirmations. An afformation, according to author Noah St.John, is "an empowering question to which the human brainmust try to find an answer." In his excellent book "LearnHow and Why to Give Yourself Permission to Succeed," Noahdevotes several pages to afformations. Pick up a copy ofthe book or visit his website at
Afformations are "why" questions which affirm something you desire.

Instead of asking "why am I always late?"Try "why am I on time for all my appointments?"

Instead of asking "why am I always broke?"Try "why do I experience financial abundance?"

Instead of asking "why am I lonely?"Try "why am I surrounded with friends who care for me?"

Instead of asking "why is my business unsuccessful?"Try "why is my business vibrant, growing and prosperous?"

By asking positive "why" questions, you convince your brain that what you desire is already so. If it exists inyour mind, it's bound to become an outer reality.

Combine afformations with journaling. Begin keeping ajournal each day and ask yourself only positive "why"questions. Not only will you be getting your thoughts outon paper, but you'll also be affirming - in your own mind -your desired reality.

Psychologist William James states "the greatest discoveryof my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." Transform theway you use "why" questions, and you'll transform yourattitude and your life. It's your life. Make it great!

By: Michael Pollock


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